Samsung upcoming foldable smartphone the Samsung Galaxy X was rumored to have the model number as Samsung SM-G888N0 but now Samsung confirmed that the device is not the foldable smartphone but is the rugged smartphone.Till date, we had not received any renders of the device and was expected to be the innovative smartphone by some industry insiders.


As per Samsung, the foldable smartphone will not be included in the present lineup and will have a different lineup but it will still have the Galaxy branding.So what we have got some details regarding the Samsung SM-G888N0 is for the Samsung rugged smartphones and not the foldable smartphone. Earlier some industry insider claimed that Samsung might launch the Samsung Galaxy X in CES 2018 but now we are not sure of this news too.

Samsung SM-G888N0 will be the next rugged smartphone after the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active which was launched in the US earlier this year.The Samsung SM-G888N0 will be exclusive to South Korea.