Samsung has filed a lot of patents this year from foldable smartphones to security features.Now, we have got another patent filed in USPTO for new double-sided display.

As per leaked sketches, we can see the Samsung has used the flexible display which wraps the one side of the smartphone and looks similar to Meizu Pro 7 which too had a similar design but it had two separate displays whereas the sketches leaked show the same display which at the front been wrapped on one of the edges.So this one more design which Samsung might implement for the upcoming flexible display.

We are not sure whether Samsung will ever bring such a smartphone in the future but this, not the only patent there are several patents filed by Samsung in the past which never made entry to the markets.After series of leaks about the foldable smartphone, we finally have something called double-sided display. As per the sketches, the smartphone is having a rectangular shaped design with sharp corners.This patent is nearly 2 years old and was published recently on USPTO website.

We already saw the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge which to had similar kind of edge display as per the above patent.So we might probably see such a device in the near future.