Samsung has filed a series of patent this year from all-screen display to under display fingerprint tech. Now we have a new patent filed by Samsung for the new way to remember the password with Palm base Password reminder.

As per WIPO document, the new feature is not used for unlocking the device instead it scans one’s palm and saves the passwords which are basically a password reminder features.This feature will not even reveal the saved password even after successful scanning but it shows the password in a more cryptic way so if someone else scans owner palm they need to solve the cryptic code to know the password.But the user of the smartphone can easily recall the password that is saved as it provides hints with characters.

So this is cool feature one can save their password as we all have a bad habit of forgetting the password.As per images leaked, this feature might even work with a smartwatch.As of now, only the patent has been filed but we are not sure when will Samsung bring this feature to its devices.So hope Samsung launches this useful feature soon on their Galaxy smartphones.