LG upcoming flagship LG G7 is scheduled to be launched in MWC 2018 at Barcelona. With just two months remaining and we don’t have many details regarding the upcoming LG G7. But now LG has applied for a new patent which is for the Advance IRIS scanner for its upcoming smartphone.

As per leaks, the LG Advance IRIS scanner will not only unlock the device but will also help to secure the data present on your smartphone.The Patent is filed in WIPO on June 2017 and is all set for commercialize the Advance IRIS scanner.Earlier the rumored IRIS scanner was expected to come with LG G6 which didn’t happen.With Samsung is been implementing its third-gen of IRIS scanners for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus which will come with selfie camera and works as similar to Apple’s Face ID.

LG has now developed a better IRIS scanner which can’t be fooled by showing pictures of owner somewhat like hackproof.As per patents, the LG Advance IRIS scanner will read the biometric characteristic of the eye and sets up the light screen and dark screen as IRIS size varies depending on the light you get.Now the sensor will detect the owner if you are not the owner then it will not show the sensitive data and if you are the owner of the device it will unlock the app.

LG is using the IRIS scanner without the help of IR sensor which is basically needed to run the IRIS scanner which means that it will take lesser space and we can expect thinner bezels above the display.