Google is now working on a new feature called Quick View where one can get more details about the product without opening the link and just browsing the search result.We are not sure about this feature is available for everyone or not but we have got the video for the same which show us the demo of the Quick View.

The Quick View is nothing but some more details about the product.As per the video, the user is searching for Fabric case for Pixel 2XL on Google Search and got the result, but with this feature, the user will not only get the carousel of the shopping cards and link but also a new button called the Quick View at the bottom of the tab.Clicking on the Quick View it will give you some more details about the product, with product images and list of related product on another vertical tab.As of now, this feature is not available in Google app and even on Google Chrome app either stable or developer level.

With this feature, one can save data and even shop on slow internet connection.It also provides richer experience without the need to go through the website for details and one can check the details directly from search results.