Experience the Future of Transportation in India

Globally, there’s an urgent need to reduce carbon emissions in an effort to reduce global warming that is threatening our very existence. Many nations across the globe, including India, have pledged to work together to reduce their carbon footprint in order to save the environment. The transport sector in India is currently a major contributor to greenhouse gases due to its reliance on fossil fuels. However, things are set to improve, as the government has launched an ambitious target of phasing out all polluting vehicles over the next decade. By 2030, only electric vehicles will be allowed on Indian roads. This is a mammoth task, but it can be achieved with the right policies, technology advancements, and support from businesses and other stakeholders. In the near term also, the government is making efforts to reduce fuel emissions by directly adopting the BS VI fuel emission standard by 2020 and skipping BS V altogether. This will be in line with the EURO 6 fuel emission standard, as has been implemented in Europe.

Economic Times Smart Mobility Summit 2017

The Economic Times Smart Mobility Summit 2017 will seek to provide a blueprint for the future of transportation in India. The Summit will showcase how technology and innovation will come together to make transportation a lot cleaner, safer and faster in the coming years. The Summit is the place for leaders and visionaries to share and discuss their ideas about creating environment-friendly transportation infrastructure. A number of success stories from across the globe will also be showcased so that the involved technology and methodologies can be implemented at more places to meet the goal of creating smart and green transportation. The Economic Times Smart Mobility Summit 2017 will also focus on various technologies and innovations such as alternative fuel, hybrid vehicles, etc. At the Summit, participants will be able to learn everything about the future of transportation, smart transportation, the importance of new technologies, public awareness and motivation to adopt green transportation, government policies that encourage green transportation, and global efforts to reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

Why attend Economic Times Smart Mobility Summit 2017

The Economic Times Smart Mobility Summit 2017 will be attended by top government authorities, CEOs, COOs, marketing heads, directors, managers, other decision makers, energy experts, specialists, consultants, etc. The Summit will allow you to showcase your areas of expertise, as the event will be extensively covered across the Indian Media space. You will get to know the latest policies and guidelines being put in place to transform the transportation sector. The Summit is a good place for networking and making new connections, which will help expand your professional circle. You will be able to benefit from the ideas and insights of industry leaders and share your own views with the participants. Overall, you will gain new perspectives that you can utilize for creating sustainable and smart transportation.

Newspatrolling.com takes immense pride to be a part of this groundbreaking initiative launched by Economic Times. We believe that learning, cooperation, and awareness among stakeholders is the first step towards any major transformation, which is exactly what the ET Smart Mobility Summit is all about. We would request our readers to spread the word about the Economic Times Smart Mobility Summit 2017 so that the smart transportation initiative could take the shape of a mass movement. Smart mobility, when achieved, will benefit us all. It’s the responsibility of each one of us to contribute to the cause of creating smart and green transportation, which is part of the ultimate goal to save and preserve our world.

Summit Details:

Date: 27 and 28 November 2017
Venue: Hotel Hyatt Regency, New Delhi