Sony a well-known smartphone brand has now explained why there is always delay in Android OS updates on any Smartphone.As we all know, Google provides the OS and Security patches to the smartphone manufacturers and always Pixel and Nexus devices are the first to receive monthly security updates and OS updates than any other brand smartphone, because Google itself has made the smartphone with the help of smartphone manufacturer whereas other smartphones are made by particular brand and Google is just providing OS support that to the Company not the end users.

So now, Android 8 is out and already all Nexus and pixel compatible devices are already received the stable update from Google.Now, we have to wait for other brands like Samsung, LG, Nokia, Huawei and Sony to customise the OS and will be pushing the update out by end of this year or beginning of next year.

We all know Sony do provide Android OS updates faster than other brand and it as also claimed that it has created Positive Strides over past couple of years and has also provided the Android 8.0 update to its flagship Sony Xperia XZ.If you want to know why there is always delay in Android software updates Sony has made interesting infographics do look at it for more details.