Google launched a bunch of devices on Oct 4 Google Hardware Event in the US in that list Google Clip was one of the innovative product launched. It is a smart camera which captures perfect moments with the help of artificial intelligence.

The Google Clip is powered by Intel made VPU the Myriad 2 which helps the device to automatically capture the images or record videos with the help of AI.The device is totally dependent upon the hardware to process images and videos and not like other devices which are completely dependent upon its cloud for machine learning.The other specialty is Google Clip will even work without internet.

As per Intel, the Myriad VPU is capable to produce 1 teraflops of computational power within 1W power envelope.The Chip architecture is specially designed by Google engineers to port the algorithm on the camera.The Intel Myriad 2 VPU comes with 12 128-bit Vector SHAVE processor with many hardware accelerators which is used to process images and video captured by the camera.The Chip is built on 28nm node and has 512KB of L2 cache and 2MB on-chip memory.

This solution is not the first time Google has made such a machine learning device but it is dubbed as federated learning and is already used in Google Keyboard app.The Google Clip is having a 12MP camera sensor with 130 degrees of wide angle lens and a LED flash.It has 8GB of internal storage.It also comes with physical shutter button to capture images.The captured images can be transferred to a smartphone via Wifi by using Google Clip app available both on iOS and Android.The Google Clip is priced at $249 and as of now, Google didn’t reveal when it will go on sale.