Apple iPhone X goes on pre-orders starting from yesterday and was already sold out within 15 minutes in both Flipkart and Amazon.The device is priced at Rs.89,000 and goes up to Rs.1,02,000/- in India and estimated shipping is now been delayed to 4-5 weeks due to lack of availability of parts.

Now Apple has revealed the repair charges for the Apple iPhone X. As per Apple Care, the one-time screen replacement will cost $279 in the US which translates to Rs.18,500/- approx which is a bomb in your pockets so be careful with your iPhone X or be prepared to pay a bomb to repair the screen.

Apart from that if you have any other damage will give one more shock which will cost you $549 (Rs.36,000/-) for repair.So when compared with iPhone 8 which has screen replacement cost you $149 (Rs.10,000/-) and $349 (Rs.23,000/-) for other damages and iPhone 8 Plus cost $169 (Rs.11,000/-) for the screen replacement and $399 (Rs.26,000/-) for other damages.If you purchase the Apple Care+ with your iPhone X which is priced at $199 (Rs.13,000/-) extra then you will get a screen replacement for $29 (Rs.1,900/-) and other damages will cost $99 (Rs.6,500/-).

As of now, we are not sure about the Indian service charges of the iPhone X we have to wait for Apple to officially announce the Apple service charges.