Qualcomm is all set to launch the successor to the SD625 with SD635 chip as per rumors.After launching the SD660 and SD630 which just are built on the 14nm chip and one of them uses the higher Kyro cores, now there are rumors about launching the next SD635 chip for mid-range smartphones.

As per latest leaks from popular Chinese social media Website Weibo, Qualcomm is planning to launch the SD635 which is to build on the same 14nm process.This chip will come with 8-Core CPU with 4 cores of modified ARM Cortex A73 cores and remaining 4-cores are based on ARM Cortex A53 cores.There are also rumors about the same ARM Cortex A73 cores being used in upcoming MediaTek Helio P40 chip too which is again a mid-range chip.The SD635 will have 20% faster GPU than the Adreno 506 on SD625 chip.
There will be another chip named as SD635 Plus which will be having the same configuration as SD635 but will have higher CPU and GPU clock speeds.The production of both the chip is set to begin in Q1 2018.The rumors also claim that SD635 will be built by Samsung 14nm LPE process node technology and with use of smaller process nodes and FinFET tech will improve the battery life of the device and improve the power efficiency.
Qualcomm is also set to launch the SD670 which is the successor to SD660 chip. It is rumored to build on 10nm 6 series chip and will come with new generation Kyro core with 360.We have to wait for few more weeks for some more details regarding the upcoming mid-range chips from Qualcomm.