Qualcomm filed the patent infringement complaint with ITC against Apple earlier this month which includes certain details of the unannounced Snapdragon chips.As Qualcomm is busy in developing the next gen flagship chip with SDM845, it was been spotted now in the above patent complaint sheet.

As per earlier reports, the SDM845 chip will be built on the 7nm process and already entered for trial production.The upcoming SDM845 chip will be developed by Qualcomm and TSMC, instead of Samsung which had partnered with Qualcomm earlier to make SD835 chip built on 10nm process node.As per earlier leaks, the development of the next flagship chip SDM845 was started from April this year and will enter the mass production by early 2018.Earlier leaks also claim that the Samsung upcoming Galaxy S9 will be powered by the upcoming SDM845.The SDM845 will be more power efficient and powerful than the predecessor SD835 as it is built on the 7nm process and other on a 10nm process.It is also expected to come with SD X20 LTE modem, a module with LTE category 18 support which can achieve speeds up to 12 Gbps and upload speeds up to 150Mbps.The modem is compatible with the next gen of telecom i.e. 5G and will be the first chip to come with support for Gigabit LTE.

There was one more unannounced chip with the SDM440 chip which might be the upgraded version of the SD435 chip. It is low-end cum mid-range chip. Earlier Qualcomm already announced the SD450 chip in MWC, China. So we have to see how will it perform when compared to the SD450 chip.