Samsung is no longer making Qualcomm’s flagship chips which are the upcoming SD845. Instead, Qualcomm has opted for TSMC for making the next SD 845 chips.So now we have some news from South Korea as per popular publication The Korea Helard, the 2018 iPhone will be powered by Samsung made a 7nm A12 chip.

So it is a big win for Samsung after the loss of the deal with Qualcomm’s SD845 chip.The deal was lost due to Samsung is not yet prepared for the 7nm process so the deal was cancelled and Qualcomm is now working on SD845 chip with TSMC who is building the chip on the 7nm process.Finally, Samsung will produce the A12 chip for Apple’s next gen iPhone which will be launching late 2018.

However, the Apple iPhones will be released only at Q3 2018 so Samsung has enough time to develop the 7nm process for the upcoming Apple A12 chip.Samsung has already purchased some extreme UV machines specifically to make Apple A12 chips.As of now testing is going on and will go on production only after Apple’s approval.After losing the deal to TSMC to make chips for Apple now it is back with Apple again to make the next gen A12 chips built on the 7nm process.

Samsung next flagship chip from Exynos will be built on the 8nm process and might come with next flagship i.e the Samsung Galaxy S9.