Created with an objective to deliver a striking blow to counterfeiting, LetsVeriFy, an innovative and cutting-edge application by ThinkCurve is witnessing a high growth in popularity amongst customers and manufacturers in India.

Launched in Aug 2016, LetsVeriFy is a brand protection solution based on secure Smart Labels which empowers end consumers to check the product’s authenticity using smartphones. LetsVeriFy has emerged as a possible solution to ensure proper safety for brands/manufacturers so that they can provide an assurance to end-consumers of buying their genuine products.

Yogesh Sharma, Co-Founder & CEO, ThinkCurve said, “Our markets are flooded with imitations that look uncannily similar to the popular brand name, but with the technology used in LetsVeriFy, brand loyal and brand conscious customers will be able to differentiate the real thing from the fake with so much ease. We’re encouraging all manufacturers and retailers to come on board to protect themselves and their customers.”

Founded with a vision of ‘future without fakes’, LetsVeriFy is at present very popular among people who buy protein supplements and sports equipment and on the manufacturer’s side, this revolution is also being welcomed by companies in the verticals like FMCG, electrical and electronics, fashion, automobiles, cosmetics etc. Companies like SS Cricket, BigMuscles Nutrition, Babolat, Advance Nutratech, MuscleEffect are few of many companies that are currently using the solution.
The Co-founder of the company, Anshu Bansal, further added, “The problem of counterfeit products has been there for a long time in market despite a lot of checks like Holograms, Barcode etc. the system has several loopholes which cause a great deal of financial loss, harms the reputation of the brands and thus our country’s economy. In the case of edible products, there could be a health hazard which is one of the worst things for a brand to sustain in the market. Thereby, LetsVeriFy is an answer to minimising the loss-entirely..”
LetsVeriFy is available as a free smartphone app for iPhone/iPad and Android devices. For more information please visit