Samsung is busy with Galaxy Note 8 and rumoured C10 and C10 Plus. Now, Samsung has filed a new patent for the new innovation called the Wireless Charging Case.We can charge any wireless charging compatible device using this case by just placing the device on top of this case.

From the diagram leaked, we can see the case is made for the Galaxy S series and Note series but also for the Galaxy Tab.The new Wireless Case charging is based on the Wireless Power Consortium, from the images, t looks like Samsung will integrate this feature only on the front flap of the S-View cover.We can see the flap is closed and a smartwatch is placed on top of it for charging.

Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 and S3 both support wireless charging but as shown in the above images they have just placed the smartwatch on top of the cover that might not happen in real life usage scenario, probably you must keep it the similar way how you charge using the proprietary charger.Samsung might not make similar looking cases but might make such cases with some changes.Samsung might launch such case anytime soon as it has just filed the patent. So it is great that Samsung is innovating new tech and might be useful if it launches such cases so that Gear series of smartwatch can be charged if the battery is down.