Samsung and Qualcomm launched the SD 835 with latest 10nm node and now Samsung is planning to launch next gen of the Exynos chip with 4nm node and not the 10nm one.

Samsung just announced their roadmap which includes the next gen chip will be made on 4nm node.As per Samsung Foundry Forum, they were focusing on 8nm chips, which will be built on LPP process. There will be 7nm chip too which will use Ultra Violet Lithography to etch the circuit design on Silicon Wafers.After this Samsung will focus on a 6nm chip with a Smart scaling solution which will allow ultra-low power benefits before moving to the 5nm chips.

When Samsung will arrive with the 4nm chip the FinFET architecture will be ditched and will be using Multi-Bridge Channel FET architecture which is Samsung’s Gate All Round FET technology which overcomes performance and physical scaling limits of FinFET.

As per the roadmap, we have to wait longer for the 4nm chip which will make our devices faster and take less energy to work.