Microsoft is well-known software and hardware company and we are still waiting for Windows 10 based smartphones from Microsoft, but there is no news regarding the same and we might not see any flagship smartphone based on Windows 10 Mobile anytime soon. Now we have some amazing news that Microsoft has filed some patent for its foldable tablet design.The images of the foldable tablet leaked recently here are some of the images.

As per the images, we can see that tablet design is smaller and is of the size of a smartphone.The tablet has series of hinges which makes it possible to fold in various angles.When the tablet is at 0 degrees it is closed and when it is at 180-degree tablet is open in a flat manner and will be completely open when it is at 360 degrees.At 180 degree the inner screen of the device will provide single UI.In other layouts, it can provide a separate interface on each display.There are series of magnets which will help the device to hold in different types of configuration.At 180 degree magnet enables the screen to provide a seamless experience.

As per the size of the device, it will be smartphone-size device instead of regular tablet size.The tablet will be based on ARM and run Windows 10 out of the box.Earlier too Microsoft released the similar kind of device video but it didn’t launch yet.So we are not sure when will the device will launch.

If Microsoft launches the foldable tablet would you like to buy such device? Please comment your answer.