Samsung is well-known brand and their displays are well known worldwide.Samsung also innovates many new products and rarely we see the innovative products launching.Now we have some news from Samsung Display which has filed not one or two but five different display design patent with United State Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).These are only the design patents and not the final product so there might be changes in the future.

First, two design patents are for stretchable display one for tablet and another for Smartphone.As of now, there are no details but from the images, we can see the design of display like an elongated shape which we saw on wireless phones in the past.

The third design is what we saw in earlier leaks the fold out smartphone which is rumoured to be announced somewhere in 2018 or 2019.From the images, we can see that there is slide mechanism which can slide out the keyboard when both displays are closed.There is space between the folds of the smartphone to make space for the keyboard to slide in and slide out.

The fourth patent is about the stretchable display which shows images even after stretching the display.In the patent, they have described that the display is stretchable and uses conductive material like conductive polymer, carbon, nanotube, graphene etc.

The last design is completely different and unique of all with a design resembling an hourglass.From the images, the display shows the app icon but it is hard to determine what condition the display is proving to be useful.

All of these are just the design leaks of the display which Samsung might bring it in the future and not the final products. We have to wait for such interesting technology to get launch in the near future.