Xiaomi is all set in launching back to back Mi Home products now with Mi Home Air Conditioner Socket.The Socket comes with smart gateway with IR remote control and radio network.It is smart socket which automatically turns on the AC if the temperature of the room is high.The Socket can be controlled via the app, where we can check the state of AC and also allow us to read the operating power of the AC, we can even check the total power consumed by AC via the app.

The Xiaomi Mi Home AC partner is an ordinary socket which has a round design, it comes with white mixed with black and a portable size which easily fits into your pocket.The Socket can withstand a temperature high as 750 degrees due to the high-grade material used said to be a flame retardant.It protects the AC from overload.It also includes Child-Protection door which ensures children will be safe even if they touch the socket.It has power ratings of 4000W, 16A and can be used in any regions safely.Mi Home AC socket can easily detect the state of the AC and control it, can link to any other Mi Home gadgets.

The Mi Home AC socket is already went on sale from May 23 in China for a price tag of  $24 and would be available on Xiaomi Mall,Mi Home, Xiaomi Flagship store and Jingdong.