BTL India world-class equipment and laboratory, we are aiming at making BTL one of the fastest growing physical therapy, cardiology and medical aesthetic equipment manufacturing companies in the world.

Now they have launched in India with an great technology called the BTL Vanquish Me which is the most advance system for body shaping and circumferential reduction of abdomen and thighs. The speciality of this device is it doesn’t require any operator to operate the device it is fully automatic which uses Selective RF technology that allows to treat the largest treatment area in a single session. 
It has the some great features like, it is the only device in the industry to treat the largest spot size. 
It is an operator independent process, it doesn’t require any kind of consumption and is affordable for the patient. There is no pain while using the device which is plus point.It is the first and the only  true multipolar design. It is the world’s first and only non contact Selective RF energy field.

BTL Vanquish ME is an operator independent procedure where the adipose cells are being disrupted. Independent have demonstrated that exposure to BTL VANQUISH ME causes disruption of fat cells and volumetric reduction in fat layer.

BTL VANQUISH ME can be used to reduce the fat in Abdomen, Back and Buttock area and also has a separate operator for Inner Outer thigh, Saddlebags, Flanks and Back Rolls. It is the fastest ways to reduce your unwanted fat at an affordable price of Rs.35000 to Rs.45000 per session depending upon the weight,height & age of the person. One need to go minimum of 4-6 session for good results. The device is launched at a price of 60 lakhs in India and it is currently available with two well known doctors in Bangalore.

BTL India is planning to launch its services in some of the cities in India.