TechCrunch Hackathon is back and now it had got a new sponsor this time with Bira 91, it is an Indian startup which is the first global craft beer. The TechCrunch Hackathon is scheduled on May 13 & May 14 at Pier 36.

TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2017 is TechCrinch 8th Annual Conference held in New York. It focuses on top leaders from the world of tech discussions with new product and company launches.Morning session will have an executive discussion and at the afternoon there will be Startup Battlefield set where 20+ companies will launch their numerous applications received from all around the world.The Winning company will take home the price of $50,000 & Disrupt Cup.This conference is held on May 15-17 at Pier 36 New York.

Hackathon weekend precedes the Disruptive Conference where developers and Engineers all around the world take part in the 24 hour Hacking endurance test. This is the first time an beer company has been sponsored.

“We believe Bira 91 brings out the best in people. In this case, it goes a step further: Any coder can tell you that beer holds a special place in the coding workflow. We’re excited to be the beer that powers the intensity of the Hackathon,” said Jain. Jain himself got his start in business as an app developer.

Bira 91 is a startup that’s innovating how beer can be tracked and delivered the TechCrunch,s Hackathon was their perfect match.It is also backed by Sequoia, a main partner for the Disrupt New York, TechCrunch’s weeklong event.Hackathon will feature company’s one-way kegs, cloud-connected dispensers that don’t need to be returned & can signal a distributor when a refill is needed.These mobile kegs are two varieties Bira 91 Blonde & Bira 91 White. Bira 91 is an Indian company which has headquarters in Delhi and is officially launched their products in New York.

Bira 91 has also featured as Beer of the month at United Nations & will be highlighted throughout the month of May to Delegates, ambassadors and other special guests visiting the exclusive UN North Delegates Lounge. Delegates Lounge “Beer of the Month” typically features local or domestic brands but this time they have selected an Indian brand with Bira 91.

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