We all were waiting for this foldable smartphone which was expected to arrive end of this year, but there is bad news it has been delayed to 2019 now.

Samsung Display Principal Engineer Kim Tae-woong said bezel display sells well but there is no need to rush of technology that will only be ready for commercial launch in 2019.

According to Chung Won Seok, Samsung display has 20% operating profit just from edgeless displays.He further says ” When the demand of Bezel-free handset slows down, Samsung will unveil the foldable display next card”.

 He also said the display is not completely ready and there are some technical challenges to be improved.In two years only single foldable Samsung smartphone and for multi-fold we need to wait longer.

We have to wait for 2019 as the Foldable Smartphone Galaxy X will launch only in 2019.