The Smartphone market is going on increasing day by day with every other day a new model or a new brand will launch in the smartphone industry and there will be a lot of confusion which to buy and which you must ignore. In this post I will try to give some tips which will help you choosing the right smartphone if you are planning to buy new smartphone for anyone.

#1.Requirements: Everyone have their own needs to use the smartphone some will buy just for communication like Messaging, Social media , Calling & browsing the web, some user needs heavy multitasking, Gaming, Camera, Clicking Selfies etc.So decide your needs and requirement for what purpose you need the smartphone is the first step before you try searching for smartphone.

#2.Brands: In India everyone needs a best brand and will only buy Branded products and some are very loyal toward a specific brand and will never look at other brands. Based on your preferred brand there are lots of models at various prices. So I basically prefer going to value for money never look at brand where you will get everything in smartphone with better performance, Great camera  and best battery life. If you are looking for better after sale support then you must consider the Brand first as some Brands may provide great specs under budget, but will lack in after sale support so if you are a person who wants a better after sale support then you must consider the Brand.

#3.Specification: After selecting the Brand here comes the most important point to be noted the specification.Every Brand has different models based on prices from low to high. To select the right one you need to even compare the phones with other Brands phone at the price which you are looking to buy. You have to first check the processor which is the heart of the phone, there are lots of Brands for processors to I prefer Qualcomm Chipset than any other because they give the best performance and even the best graphics which is needed for any user who is looking a smoother experience in their smartphone. Check the model of the processor and just Google about the Chipset you will able to get all the details regarding the Chip and even the pros and cons of the chip.Then comes the Battery which is the next most important as it is necessary to at least last a day with single charge. Higher the capacity higher the battery life but there are smartphones with lower capacity too giving extraordinary battery life. Then Camera it is based on User to User some might need the best Camera some ignore. Last but not the least Screen size which is again User preference some need bigger screen and some like smaller screen for single handed usage.Here one more thing you have to note is the resolution of the display now in 2017 you must consider at least Full HD display as first preference for better picture quality. Software upgrades too must consider majority of smartphone brands does not provide the latest software updates under budget smartphone so you need to check the earlier variants of the model did they got the update or not only if you are person who need the latest software updates.

#4. Budget: Every Brand has a huge amount of models launching every other day under various price segment so you must have to stretch a little to get better device under various price segment. So if you are under tight budget then you must compromise few things like you might not get a great camera or better gaming performance there is no device which is an all rounder under budget smartphone but there are some smartphones which are almost all rounder like flagship and for that you have to shell out a little more from your tight budget.So after Specs you have to compare the smartphones based on the price with other brand and then consider a review if you are plnning to buy that smartphone.

# 5. Reviews: It is must if you are buying a smartphone and want the best out of all smartphone then you must have to look at the reviews. Just try to Google the Smartphone model and you will get all the reviews by various reviewers. Don’t stick to one review given by reviewer try to compare the review with the other reviewers too so you must not buy the wrong device if it has any serious issues.Some devices might not have many reviews,but now in 2017 some devices which is launching in India will have review available in Youtube which is a big plus if considering to buy that specific model.Try to compare the reviews with other reviewers and then decide to buy.

Hope this helps everyone who are looking to buy best smartphone under various price ranges.