Samsung is almost finished with its 2023 smartphone lineup. During the next few months, there won’t be many new handset launches from the company.

For the next year, the firm is working on a number of new devices. Galaxy A25 is one of them. 3D CAD renders of this product leaked in late June. This phone’s camera specs have finally been revealed nearly two months later.

GalaxyClub has new details on the Galaxy A25. It reveals the phone’s rear and front cameras. The Galaxy A25 will have a 50MP camera on the back, according to the source. On the front, it’ll have a 13MP camera.

It’ll have the same primary and selfie cameras as the Galaxy A24. It doesn’t say anything about the secondary sensors. As of now, only the SM-A256E model of Galaxy A25 is in development. According to the source, this device could be a 5G version of the Galaxy A24.

There might be more versions in the works, but we don’t have any details. Like any Samsung phone, this one should also show up on multiple certification agencies and retailers before its official announcement, revealing almost everything about it.