Earlier we had few rumours claiming LG will launch the advanced version of LG V30 at MWC 2018 over the LG G7.Today one of the LG executives confirms that LG is all set to launch the rumoured LG V30+α at MWC 2018.

LG V30+

As per the source, CY Kim, LG Electronics South Africa MD, said that LG is planning to launch the better version of LG V30 in MWC 2018 instead of LG G7. He further claimed that the next flagship LG G7 will get little late.

Earlier we had already got some reports about LG planning for a separate launch event for the LG G7 in coming months.Apart from the above statement, Kim has not said anything about the device, but as per earlier rumours claim that the upcoming LG V30+α will be an advanced version of LG V30 with AI capabilities.

Kin further said that the LG G7 is still under development and company is not in a hurry to launch the flagship anytime soon.The LG V30+ Alpha will be having the same specs as the original LG V30+ and will be powered by same SD835 SoC.