Earlier we had some news claiming that LG CEO had ordered to start the development of the LG G7 from scratch due to which the LG G7 is not launching at MWC 2018.Now we have some new rumours which tell that LG will unveil the advance version of LG V30+ with LG V30+α.

LG V30+

As per leaks, LG will be launching the advanced version of LG V30+ with LG V30+α at a private event which is scheduled on Feb 26. It will be coming with new technologies and functions.

The new version of LG V30 might come with some of the AI features from Google Assistant and has it is the LG V30+α it might be having 4GB RAM and 128GB internal storage.Now we can expect the next flagship LG G7 will be launching with SD845 inside unlike the last year LG G6 which was launched with older SD821 SoC.