In spring 2025, Apple is expected to unveil Siri powered by Apple Intelligence. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman mentioned the estimated release timeline in his weekly newsletter PowerOn. The more powerful Siri will take a little longer to get users used to. Apple Intelligence will only be available on the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max.

Apple is expected to begin testing Siri with developers in January, according to Gurman’s report. Currently, iOS 18.4 is being developed, and the test will be included in that release. By the spring of 2025, the new Siri should be available to the public.

In terms of Siri features, some should arrive in 2024, such as the new design and ChatGPT integration. Advanced features, such as contextual awareness, in-app controls, and on-screen content awareness, will have to wait.

At WWDC 2024, Apple introduced iOS 18 along with Siri, a new and advanced voice assistant. As part of the new era, Siri now has a new logo and animation when it is in action. While using the virtual assistant, you will see a glow around the display’s edges.

Siri will feature Apple Intelligence integration to make it faster, smarter, and better. You will be able to communicate naturally if you remember the conversation and context. By integrating third-party apps, you can do things previously not possible – for example, find and share a particular photo.

Siri has been further improved by Apple in collaboration with ChatGPT. Some tasks can be performed locally on the device, but some require it to be online and to communicate with servers. Users will be notified whenever such situations arise, and will be able to decide whether to proceed or not.