With the launch of its new CoolingExpert ACs in India, Hisense has expanded its range of air conditioners. With Quick Chill Turbo Mode, these ACs provide faster cooling. Hisense’s new ACs have energy-saving ratings of up to 5 stars and come in 1 ton and 1.5 ton capacities.

CoolingExpert Pro ACs from Hisense comes with a split design. There are four power levels available on these inverter air conditioners: 40%, 60%, 80%, and 100%.

Hisense CoolingExpert ACs come with Quick Chill Turbo Mode, which boosts fan speeds while combining it with intelligent compressor usage for rapid cooling. Users can choose between auto, cool, dry, and fan modes according to the weather conditions. In addition, they feature PM 2.5 filters that protect against dust and pollution.

There is an anti-corrosive coating on copper condensers in the ACs. They also use environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant, which is widely available and easy to maintain. To prevent mould formation on the indoor coil, the AC scans 33 different parameters. Additionally, the ACs operate without stabilizers between 140 and 290 volts.

HiSense CoolingExpert Pro ACs come with a 1-year comprehensive warranty, a 5-year warranty on the PCB, and a 10-year compressor warranty.


In India, the new Hisense CoolingExpert air conditioners start at Rs 27,990/-. The Hisense CoolingExpert AC with 1-ton and 3-star rated cost Rs.27,990/-, 1.5-ton 3 Star cost Rs.29990/-, 1.5-ton 5 Star cost Rs.35,990/- lastly 2-ton with 5 Star cost Rs.39,990/-.

Hisense air conditioners are available on Amazon and Flipkart. With HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, and OneCard credit cards, you can get discounts of up to Rs 2000 on both e-commerce portals. EMIs of up to 12 months are also available to customers. You can also exchange your old air conditioner for a new one up to Rs 4000, depending on the model.