The Galaxy Ring, a smart ring that has been in advanced development since August, will be the focus of Samsung’s S24 event in January next year, according to Ice Universe.

Due to development stages and the time it takes for medical certification, some sources predict a release in 2018, while others predict 2024. It has been reported that the smart ring will launch soon, but this information is coming from Ice Universe, a reliable leaker.


Samsung Curio is expected to be the name of the ring. The trademark application for “Samsung Curio” hints at this being the name of Samsung’s new product, even though it has not been officially confirmed by the company.

With its compact design, the Samsung Galaxy Ring will enter the smart ring market. It appears that a display screen is not included in patents, contrary to initial reports.

A heart rate monitor and a PPG sensor are expected to be included in the device. Furthermore, Samsung’s ecosystem of smart home products will be seamlessly accessible via wireless connectivity.

Voice control is one important aspect that has yet to be confirmed for the Galaxy Ring. Even with touch interaction, operating small smart devices can be challenging.