Android Authority revealed key details last month about the Google Pixel 8 series’ display and camera specifications. The publication has revealed new information about the Pixel 8’s battery size and charging capabilities.

According to the publication, the Pixel 8 will have a 4,480mAh battery and support 24W wired charging. Comparatively, the Pixel 7 has a smaller 4,270mAh battery and a 20W wired charger.

There will be a 4,950mAh battery in the Pixel 8 Pro and wired charging will be supported at a speed of 27W. For reference, the predecessor model had a battery capacity of 4,926mAh and a wired charging power of 23W. The successors to the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro will also offer wireless charging at 20W and 23W, respectively.

With the Broadcom BCM4398 chip, the Pixel 8 series will also support Wi-Fi 7. Faster speeds, greater stability, and lower latency are all benefits of the new-generation Wi-Fi connectivity. The Pixel 8 will not receive ultra-wideband, but the Pixel 8 Pro will.

The limited availability of Google Pixel devices results in consumers either purchasing them from unofficial sources at higher prices or importing them without warranty or support. However, there are indications that Google may expand the distribution of Pixel devices.

Based on the list of languages available on the Pixel 8 and Pixel 7 in the electronic warranty terms, the publication speculated that the Pixel 8’s official distribution list may expand to include Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, and Portugal as well.