In spite of supply chain constraints and rising chip prices, Apple is planning to launch the iPhone 14 family earlier this year. Apple has secured enough hardware for its iPhones, so this is a good sign.

Apple is expected to unveil the new generation on September 7 and begin selling it on September 16. A week extra of sales will likely boost the Cupertino-based company’s Q4 results. The unveiling is the earliest since 2016.

Apple may also be rushing to prepare for an October event. According to analysts, the company will release new Macs and iPads at that event, so there should be enough time between them.

There is also some interesting news about Apple’s plans to introduce ads in its Maps app. Banner ads will replace paid search results in App Store and a new tab will be added called “You Might Also Like”. The company currently earns around $4 billion every year from advertising, and it plans to grow that to around $10 billion over the next few years.