Due to its Nord branding, OnePlus has enjoyed great success in the mid-range category despite initially selling only premium-grade devices. The company is now considering spinning off Nord as a separate brand.

The MobileIndian reports that the Chinese company plans to expand even further its mid-range presence in the market. The Nord CE 2 and its Lite, as well as the Nord 2T, have already been released. According to a source close to the matter, the next strategy OnePlus will take to grow in the mid-range segment is to spin off its Nord out as an independent brand or perhaps even as a sub-brand of the company.
This would put the company on par with Oppo with Realme, Vivo with iQOO, and Xiaomi with POCO. In addition, Nord will have its own branding, stores, and even team, according to the source. One important change is that Nord phones will no longer be branded with the OnePlus logo, instead, they will be branded with the words “from OnePlus” or “a brand of OnePlus”.
We can expect light blue to be the theme color based on the branding so far. Nord branding will also focus on offline channels and will build a strong offline presence thanks to new showrooms and partnerships with third parties. Besides smartphones, Nord will soon offer TWS earbuds, Bluetooth neckbands, power banks, fitness bands, smartwatches, and more.