Galaxy S21 Ultra

The camera arrangement on the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has been a hot topic of discussion. Samsung’s latest 200 MP sensors are said to be used in the phone. Ice Universe weighs in with a preference for the first choice, albeit with better telephoto lenses.

This camera will have two changeable focal length zoom lenses, according to The Cat. The first is 3x and the second is 10x. The new lenses should be able to zoom in farther than the existing Ultra (specifics about focal lengths are unknown at the moment).

Galaxy S22 Ultra

The sensors in the two tele cameras will also get a minor update. As reported by the leakster, the new model will have two 12 MP sensors with 1.22 m pixels each, rather than two 10 MP sensors (i.e. the new sensors will be slightly larger). Optical Image Stabilization on both cameras (OIS).

Changes to the primary camera will be minimal. It’ll have a 108 MP sensor with 0.8 m pixels. Is it the current Ultra’s HM3 sensor or a newer generation? But it promises a better OIS. However, it will keep the 12 MP sensor and add OIS. On ultra wides, electronic stabilization usually suffices, but this may open up new tricks and possibilities.

Lastly, the selfie camera. No under-display camera (Samsung’s first UD camera has just 4 MP resolution and took less than a year to create) and a 40 MP sensor, exactly as the current Ultra. That doesn’t mean Samsung won’t enhance the lens.

As the launch date approaches, we should have additional information. These cameras will be upgraded to 50 MP with a genuine telephoto lens for the Galaxy S22 and S22+ (possibly the same 3x variable focal length module as the S22 Ultra).