Smartphone for Snapdragon Insiders

Snapdragon 888 is pretty hot, even wildly hot under some circumstances, on some phones. The Snapdragon 865/865+/870 family is immune to this issue, on the other hand. The next generation of Qualcomm’s highest-end chipsets might surprise you if you had expected them to be cooler than the SD888.

SD898 SoC

A rumour out of China says Samsung’s 4nm litography is showing a 20% performance boost for their upcoming chip, with the model number SM8450 and may be called Snapdragon 895, 898, or who knows what else. Just to keep it safe, we’ll call it SD895, but that doesn’t mean we know that’s the name it will be given.

Although that performance improvement (supposedly compared to either the 888 or the 888+) is obviously a welcome development, there’s a flip side to the coin, which is that the new chip runs hot. There are no more details, unfortunately, and since this is still an early sample test, things could improve dramatically between now and November/December, when the first chips are expected to be shipped to customers.