We all need some or the other skill to fetch a good job or to improve your knowledge and once knowledge is received will never get wasted. So today, we are reviewing one of the popular online learning app the Khan Academy.

Khan Academy Inc (KA Inc.) is a non-profit organization, with a mission to change education for the better, by providing a free world-class education for anyone, anywhere.  It is a manifestation of the vision possessed by Sal Khan, a globally renowned educator and thought the leader in the field of education.
With the latest version of the app, we have some new additional features included such as

More​  ​ Personalisation  

Khan Academy has now mapped the Math and Physics content on the platform to Indian curriculum. You can now see the content in chapters according to the textbooks you use at​ school. 
Signing up on Khan Academy is also now a breeze. It also registers information on your focus​  ​ subjects​  ​ so​  ​ that​  ​ your​  ​ experience​  ​ on​  ​ the​  ​ platform​  ​ is​  ​ more​  ​ personalized.  
The Coach Dashboard has also been redesigned for easier use and centers around the classes​  ​ that​  ​ teachers​  ​ set​  ​ up​  ​ on​  ​ Khan​  ​ Academy.

Teachers   can   make   assignments   for   their   class,   with   due   dates 

For the first time ever, teachers can now assign videos, articles, and exercises across a range of subjects and grades. They can make these assignments to an entire class or to specific students. Students would be able to see and complete these assignments on their​  ​ Khan​  ​ Academy​  ​homepage​  ​ and​  ​ on​  ​ the​  ​ Khan​  ​ Academy​  ​ app.  As students complete assignments, teachers get completion reports that let them see the status​  ​ for​  ​their​  ​ whole​  ​ class​  ​ and​  ​ for​  ​ each​  ​ of​  ​ their​  ​ students​  ​ in​  ​ detail. Click Here to know more.

Rich​ ​ reports​ ​ -​ ​ teachers​ ​ can​ ​ identify​ ​ learning​ ​ needs
The reports are not only real-time and simple to use, but also are powerful in helping a teacher to assess their students’ performance. They make it possible for a teacher to identify the most challenging problems for their class and the learning gaps/needs of individual​  ​ students.  
Abhishek Kumar, a Math teacher at City Montessori Schools, Lucknow says, ​ “The new coach features on Khan Academy are very cool. They help me understand the learning needs of my students. I am using it for my math classes and to help my students prepare for the SAT. It is very useful for me to see which levels are my students in right now and where​  ​ they​  ​ need​  ​ to​  ​ improve. 
I am really enjoying this as a coach and would highly recommend other teachers to use Khan Academy, not just because it is free but the quality of the content is very good and the technology behind the platform and the new coach tools are really, really cool. It will really​  ​ help​  ​ you​  ​ in​  ​ your​  ​ classes​  ​ same​  ​ as​  ​ it​  ​ is​  ​ helping​  ​ me.” 

Gamified​  ​ mechanics​  ​ for​  ​ practice​  ​ that​  ​ strengthen​  ​ learning
Students are required to get 70% or better on a set of problems to reach a “Practiced” level on the relevant skill. Students are encouraged to try again to increase their performance​  ​ to​  ​ 100%,​  ​ and​  ​ their​  ​ best​  ​ performance​  ​ is​  ​ reflected​  ​ in​  ​ their​  ​ Assignment​  ​ report. 

Quizzes​  ​ and​  ​ unit​  ​ tests
The unit pages now include quizzes and unit tests to provide students with personalized study plans. When a student takes a brief diagnostic quiz, they are provided with recommendations for the specific exercises they should focus on. Mid-unit quizzes provide a check for understanding on additional skills, and a final unit test combines problems​  ​ from​  ​ all​  ​ skills​  ​ within​  ​ the​  ​ unit​  ​ to​  ​ help​  ​ students​  ​ assess​  ​ their​  ​ progress. 
Note​ : ​ Teachers cannot assign or view student results on quizzes and unit tests yet. The Khan​  ​ Academy​  ​ team​  ​ is​  ​ working​  ​ on​  ​ it.​  ​ Stay​  ​ tuned! 

Impact​  ​ on​  ​ learning

Want to know how Khan Academy has helped students and teachers around the world to learn better? ​ Here are reports and results of efficacy studies conducted in various institutions. The bottom line is that usage of Khan Academy correlates strongly with students’ gains in their standardized exams and the learning outcomes of these students exceeds​  ​ the​  ​ typical​  ​ growth​  ​ of​  ​ their​  ​ peers. 

With all these new features it makes the app even more powerful compared to many other learning apps.Khan Academy provides more than 10,000 courses for free and even has many videos for popular competitive examinations like MCAT, SAT, and GSAT.One more good feature is an offline mode where one can even download the videos and watch when there is no internet connection.
So do try out this app to gain more knowledge and also learning new things for free.
 You can access the new Khan Academy App on the Google Play store and iOS App Store