We had some leaks and rumors of the next year flagship chipset with SD845 and now we have to just forget about it as Qualcomm has already started developing a successor for SD845 with SD855 chip as per Qualcomm Engineer. As we know Qualcomm upcoming SD845 will be launched early next year and SD855 chip is flagship which will launch no earlier than early 2019.

As per Qualcomm Engineer, the Qualcomm is presently developing both sdm845 and sdm855 chip which is none other than Snapdragon 845 and 855 chipset.With recent leaks of the upcoming chipset from Qualcomm will no longer be called the SD840 or SD850 instead will follow the SD835 naming with SD845 and SD855 chips.

As per earlier leaks, the SD845 is codenamed as Napali v2.0 and SD855 is codenamed as Hana v1.0. As of now, Qualcomm is developing the Linux Kernels for the upcoming SD845 which is rumored to be commercialized early 2018.Earlier leaks claimed that Qualcomm upcoming SD845 chips first lot has already sold to Samsung for its upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+.Earlier this year too Samsung had blocked the SD835 chips for its flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ which made other brands to either postpone their flagship device or launch with SD821 chip.

The upcoming SD845 chip might be made on 10nm process node and SD855 will be made on 7nm process node.Earlier leaks we got to know that Qualcomm has now partnered with TSMC to develop the new 7nm process based chips.As per Industry Insider, Qualcomm upcoming two chipsets will be more focused on AI application and machine learning.