Reliance Jio announced the India ka Smartphone with JioPhone earlier this year and since one month the JioPhone was delayed for about one month due to unknown reasons. Finally, we had news of Jio delivering the JioPhone to the pre-booked customers and now we have some shocking news about the most awaited JioPhone.

Reliance Jio had recently added the latest terms and conditions about the most awaited effectively free JioPhone.As per terms and conditions, the JioPhone will be effectively free for that you need to do a security deposit of Rs.1500/- which is the same as per earlier terms and conditions.Apart from that, there is some shocking truth of the JioPhone terms and conditions with you have to use it for personal use only and misusing of the device leads to penalty with JioPhone will be taken back.

The second shocking fact is that you need to compulsory do a minimum recharge of  Rs.1500/- per year which translates to Rs.125 per month otherwise Jio has all right to take back the device from you if you don’t do the recharge.Which was never mentioned when we were pre-ordering the device.So it is clearly a fraud case from Reliance Jio.

The third shocking fact is Early Return Charges that we were told that after three years we will get back the security deposit of  Rs.1500/- and if you planning to return within 12 months from date of purchase will have to pay  Rs.1500+18%GST= Rs.1770/-.If you continue using the device for from 12-24 months then you return the device will have to pay extra Rs.1000 with GST and if you return the device from 24-36 month period you will have to pay Rs.500/- plus GST back so again it is shocking.If you need complete refund then you have to use the device for 36 months and device conditon must be good without any scracthes and damages.

Apart from that, the JioPhone is SIM-locked device so you cant use it with other Jio SIM too.You cannot even sell the device to anyone after purchasing it.If you root the device or tried adding extra functionality to the device by reverse engineering etc then you are no longer entitled to get the security deposit back.Even after three years if usage you didn’t return the JioPhone back to Jio you will not receive the entitled security deposit plus Reliance Jio will take back the phone from you.

Prebooked orders cannot be cancelled. We recommend that you gift the same to your interested friends and(1/2)

— JioCare (@JioCare) September 26, 2017

So still interested in buying the JioPhone? Think twice as you will be paying only for the service and device will not be yours in any way you have to return back the device to Reliance Jio.So it shocking to see such terms and conditions from such a brand Reliance Jio never expected they will cheat their customers like this and even we are not getting the Rs.500/- back if you pre-order it in the first sale either you have to buy it and use for min 3 months and then return or transfer to any of your family members as per Reliance Jio reply on Twitter.

Did purchase the JioPhone? are you shocked by this move from Reliance Jio? Do leave your thoughts in the comment section below.