Apple finally launched its most rumoured smartphone with iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus and also went on sale in some countries. We also got news due to Apple iPhone X is showing a negative impact on the sales iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.Earlier we also got the production cost of the most anticipated Apple iPhone X.Now we have the iPhone 8 duo BoM cost revealed by IHS Markit.

As per source, the Apple iPhone 8 total component cost is $247.51 (Rs.16,500/-) whereas the iPhone 8 Plus cost $288.08 (Rs.19,000/-).The actual cost of Apple iPhone 8 Plus 64GB base version cost $295.44 (Rs.20,000/-) which is inclusive of production and assembly cost.So this year iPhone 8 Plus cost is $17.78 (Rs.1200/-) higher than last year iPhone 7 Plus which is due to the fact of using higher 64GB storage version when compared with last year iPhone 7 Plus with the 32GB version.

The costliest part of the iPhone 8 Plus is with the 5.5 inches display which cost $52.50 (Rs.3600/-).The next comes with the Chasis and the Gorilla Glass protection having a price tag of $50.95 (Rs.3400/-).The NAND storage made by SanDisk cost $31.20 (Rs.2100/-) and Camera cost $32.50 (Rs.2200/-) and finally the Apple A11 Bionic Chip which cost $27.50 (Rs.1800/-).