Samsung Electronics recently filed a patent which is for a wraparound display which can be covered around on both the side from front and back as well as its edges as per the patent details filed in the United States Patent & Trademark Office. It also has feature to quickly launch apps from the edge of the display from any side.The patent shows us an app drawer located on side of the display which can be clicked to launch apps from both the side front or back of the screen of the phone.

The above sketch looks similar to what we saw with the Samsung Foldable phone which Samsung had filed a patent in January.We also had rumours that Samsung will launch a foldable smartphone called the Galaxy X which Samsung denied will not launch until 2019. Now there are rumours that the first Consumer Grade Foldable smartphone to launch somewhere around 2018, which will be a new series apart from Samsungs S series smartphone. As of now, there are no more details about the Specifications, launch date and pricing info. We have to wait longer as Samsung has just filed the patent.