Samsung is going to launch its refurbished version of Note 7 soon, as per previous leak we came to know it will be having slightly lesser capacity battery compared to the Original Note 7. Now we have rumoured that Samsung may price Galaxy Note 7R 50% less the Original Note 7.

Korean investor was the first to release the news to the public.The report states that it will be costing half the price of Orginal Note 7. If this is true then we can expect Samsung galaxy Note 7R to cost somewhere around $440 in the US as original Note 7 was priced $850- $870.This might be good news for Samsung fans if Samsung launches it under $500 segment.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7R will be having the same specs as Original Note 7 but there will be now only 3200 mAh battery.It will run Android 7 out of the box.As of now, Samsung Galaxy Note 7R is at the stage of getting a safety certificate in South Korea, we can expect it to launch anytime in June 2017.

We can take this news with a pinch of salt as it is just a rumour and prices might vary as Samsung never launch products at cheap prices anymore.