After Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+ rumors now we have started receiving the leaks for upcoming Galaxy Note 8.According to SamMobile, Samsung has already started developing software for Note 8.

Along with Note 8 report also mentions refurbished version of Note 7 software build numbers. Samsung confirmed that it will be launching the refurbished variant of note 7 in US and now we have the Software build numbers leaked.

Here are the details for Software build numbers.

  • Refurbished Galaxy Note7: N935LKLU2AQD2/ N935LLUC2AQD2/ N935LKLU2AQD2
  • Galaxy Note8: N950FXXU0AQC6/ N950FOXM0AQC6/ N950FXXU0AQC6
We still dont have enough info about Note 8 so we cant expect it to launch anytime soon.We can predict that it might have same RAM, Camera & CPU as the S8 & S8+.