Acer has announced the Holo 360 VR in New York yesterday in the press event, it also launches set of Windows based laptops & desktops. The Holo 360VR is an Android smartphone cum 360 degree VR camera.

Acer Holo 360 VR is the first of such devices which feature 360 degree VR camera into an Android smartphone.With the Holo 360VR we are able to shoot,edit & post 360 degree VR videos and photos directly with help of touch screen it also have 4G LTE and Wifi. We can even make calls from this 360 degree camera.

As of now there are no details about the specification of the Acer Holo 360VR camera. Even there was no announcement about the availability and pricing details. Are you interested with such device? Would you like to buy such gadget in future? Please comments your thoughts.